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Amy has been studying various aspects of energy medicine, intuitive healing and spirituality since 2009. Considering herself to be a student of life, she loves her work and fully lives it, knowing that she has truly aligned with her souls higher purpose. ​

Sessions with Amy

Amy’s sessions are intended to guide you back into a state of improved health and wellbeing by bringing all possible imbalances into your awareness, to be healed on an energetic level.  Having provided well over 8000 sessions, Amy has developed her own unique way of showing people how their bodies are holding stuck beliefs, emotional patterns and stories, and how this is potentially impacting their life.  Once you see this, you will have more access to your own personal ability to start unravelling various health, emotional and general life issues, leading you towards a more empowered and balanced life.  

As much as possible, Amy tries to get clients involved with their own healing, guiding them towards their own answers by helping them feel into their body and trust what they are feeling.  She helps people see triggering situations in their lives from the highest perspective and how everything is here to teach them.  This is often where the most power lies in a session.  This is achieved through an intuitive flow of information that is guided by the clients own inner wisdom, combined with Amy’s years of training in various intuitive energy modalities.  She never decides what will come up, but rather lets the energy guide her to the perfect unfolding in each session.   The simple act of witnessing the client's story is often all that is required for the shift to happen, which will activate a natural healing process. The physical body and mind will do its own healing once the energy imbalance in the consciousness has been observed. This could unravel in various ways, either immediately &/or over weeks or months to come.


This work is safe and non-invasive. You will never have anything observed that you are not spiritually ready to release, and the container is always set with the strict intention for the highest outcome and greatest good for you and your life.  


Some examples of the issues that can be addressed are:  

*Physical Health (learn how your physical body is impacted by and deeply connected to the rest of your life)

*Mental & Emotional Health (anxiety, depression, grief & loss, anger, sadness, fears & doubts, trauma release)

*Relationships (childhood trauma, marriage issue, problems with children, work relationships)

*Career/Money (dissatisfaction with work, financial stress)

*Trust & Confidence (inability to move forward in life)

*Self Worth & Self Love (health issues, self doubt/hatred/criticism)

*Time & Productivity (lack of motivation or desire, lack of focus, energy drains, etc) 

*Spiritual Awakening,

*and more.

Are you ready to begin your journey with Amy?


Amy's Story...

Throughout all stages of my life, I was secretly interested and drawn to the intuitive and spiritual realms, however it was perceived in our society as unacceptable.  Right from early childhood, I had a deep inner knowing that I could help people heal in some "magical way", but it felt like a fantasy.  I actually daydreamed about it often, but because of societal norms at the time, I was trained away from what my soul knew deep inside me.  To cope with reality and feeling the heaviness of not seeing my way to fulfilling these "fantasies",  I decided at the ripe old age of 5 that I would become a Dental Hygienist instead, in order to satisfy this healing urge inside of me.  I spent my entire childhood planning to become a dental hygienist!  I went on to university, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Diploma in Dental Hygiene, then worked as a full time dental hygienist for 12 years.  Now I can see that these were only stepping stones to where my soul was truly leading me.   As it happens for many of us, once life got a little too rough, the consciousness and spiritual work showed up for my own healing journey to begin. This naturally evolved into me becoming a successful and embodied intuitive healer and spiritual guide.  It took me a while, but I finally have returned home to what my inner child knew to be true all along.


I naturally use the wisdom I gain through my own personal healing,  continuous coursework, and endless reading & researching, in the sessions I do for others.  I live my life through doing this "work",   For me, everyday is a spiritual day of evolving and growing as I see all aspects of life as opportunity for me to expand my awareness and my ability to serve others.  

The areas I have studied include:


BodyTalk (Advanced Certified Practitioner)

Body Intuitive  

Healing Touch Level 1 +

Spiritual Masters Program for 4 years

Chopra Primordial Sound Meditation (Certified Instructor)

Breathwork Meditation (Certified Facilitator)

Qi Gong (Certified Instructor)

Fractalline Healing Level 1 & 2

Meditation training for energy balancing and clearing

Gordon Neufeld Institute Intensives Education for Parents and Helpers

Ongoing study in energetic boundaries and chakras

Currently studying in a Psychic Mastery program 

- and much more!  

I firmly believe that looking deep into ourselves to discover who we truly are, as spiritual beings in human form, is the reason why many of us were put here on this earth at this very time.  We are all witnessing the dramatic shifts and changes that are occurring as humans awaken to their truth.  We chose this time to be part of this shift on the planet, and my role is to support others in this journey.

I welcome all open and curious souls who desire support for their healing journey. 

Please Contact Me.


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