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Welcome to Jade Integrative Health & Wellness

-Integrating your inner source of harmony & wellness into all aspects of live

My mission as a healer and a lightworker is to support the souls that came here at this time to ascend towards their highest potential and wellbeing.  If you feel the call towards greater fulfillment and awareness in your life, I would be honoured to be one of your healers, one of your guides, and a fellow ascending Being.

Meet Amy

Amy is an experienced intuitive healer and spiritual guide. Through many years of clinical practice and ongoing studies in the field of energy medicine, intuitive healing modalities and deep spiritual work, Amy has developed her own unique way of guiding people towards an improved state of health & well-being in life.   Amy finds great joy and fulfillment in supporting others, with the ultimate intention to help you feel healthier in your body, to gain greater self-awareness in your life, and to support you in using that wisdom to move forward in an optimal way.  Amy will encourage increased empowerment for you to take greater responsibility for your own healing and choices in life, meanwhile embracing the challenges along the way.  Her wish is for you to live from a place of inner joy & peace, feeling fulfilled and abundant in all areas of your life.


Health & Wellness Sessions

What Clients are Saying

I have been working with Amy for several years now.  Over this time she has helped me shift limiting belief systems and heal many un-loving thoughts that were dominating my mind and effecting my mental health. She has guided me to be aware of spiritual and energetic layers of my soul that were waiting to be loved and accepted for their perfection exactly as they are, to know/ feel I am enough, and always have been.  Amy has a vast tool box of skills and education that she draws from to help support the process.  Though our work together hasn’t always been comfortable or effortless, it’s always been transformative and rewarding. 

-Sarah Fraser, Personal Trainer & Studio Owner

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True power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero and leader.

Yung Pueblo

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